Bio –

My name is Carolin Dieler.

I am based in Cologne and have just this summer graduated from the Maastricht Institute of Arts with a BA in Body Design. My aim with this study was to become a fashion designer in the first place. I have a fashion background as a qualified tailor and always have been interested in fashion for as long as I can think. However, over the course of my studies in Maastricht, I fell in love with jewellery and accessories design and after an incredibly inspiring internship with Chris Habana in New York in 2019, I made the final decision to graduate with a jewellery Collection. Just until the past week I was preparing for four different exhibitions (Lighting Amsterdam, Made Maastricht, Fashion Clash, and the Graduation Exhibition of my school) unfortunately, due to the Pandemic, all exhibitions have to be postponed until further notice. Furthermore, I have been under the top 500 of the ArtsThread x i-D Global Design graduate Show 2020 and one of the nominees for the Henriette Hustinx prize.

Carolin Dieler’s Sublime Devastation asks us to return to the sea – to a place of primordial connection and origin. But the metal links and digitized blades of seaweed go beyond a nostalgic lust for return – their shined surface and glitch-driven forms point to a future in which everything is chrome. The forms themselves were never the tentacles, tendrils, and claws that they pretend to be, but that doesn’t mean that each chain and earring doesn’t still want to return to the sea. Dieler’s jewels were born in the digital and want to go back to a place they may have never been. Whether we go along with them is the question.

-Digitally Yours

Connect with Carolin Dieler and her work thru her website, or on Instagram @carolindieler. You can virtually try on her jewellery here,