Snem Yildirim’s Daily Prescriptions are as complex as the emotions that each emoji characterizes. The holographic smiles and winks shift as they move around the room, never quite sure which expression they are meant to maintain. If you aren’t certain which emotion you are meant to feel, you may as well feel them all. Yildirim’s emoticon-based expressive blanks break from the should and the prescribed, and instead place a wearable and ever mutable response to the pained question of “How are you?”

-Digitally Yours

Bio –

Snem Yildirim graduated from Gazi University, Department of Architecture, and in 2011 she started to study Architectural Design Master Program at Istanbul Bilgi University.  For the Inout Project, she produced several art projects within the scope of the city and public space. She continued the Leather Footwear and Accessories Design Program at Istanbul Moda Academy in partnership with the University of the Arts London. In 2016 she set up her contemporary jewelry  & design studio “Studio Zigzag” with her sister. Currently, she is working at her studio and teaching architecture at Gazi University, Department of Architecture.

Connect with Snem Yildirim and her work thru Instagram @snem_yildirim.