Bio –

Emma Gregory was born in Toronto but grew up just outside of Brussels. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Jewellery Design from the Glasgow School of Art and has a state certification from the Goldschmiedeschule in Pforzheim, also for designing jewellery. In 2018 She graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp with a Master’s degree in Visual Arts, specification (you guessed it) Jewellery Design. She’s almost always listening to music – anything electronic or adjacent, with a good beat, that has been made with love.

In Emma Gregory’s Wave Form necklaces each link is the beat.  Gregory has taken something as human as music – the pattern of waves and vibrations that fill the space between bodies at a nightclub as a DJ choreographs the crowd’s energy – and made it wearable. Through a series of programs and algorithms, Gregory designs and hand fabricates wearable songs. As we settle into our current reality, the days of dancing together seem like impossible memories, and maybe these mementos of the beat are the best we can do to hold onto the joy and love that those spaces and that rhythm can bring.

-Digitally Yours

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Listen to Emma Gregory’s necklaces below.