Hannah Blitz Heyman’s work is a blur – and that’s exactly what it needs to be. Heyman’s work straddles multiple existences – of pure digital pixel, of wearable physical object, and of the strange expanse of hybridity in-between.  But the work exists as each of these things, confidentially at once. Heyman’s chains and warped images reject any conventional hierarchy and stand as equals in a world just as distorted, just as confused, just as confident as the pieces themselves.

-Digitally Yours

Bio –

Hannah Blitz Heyman (b.1994) is a material based artist living and working in Stockholm. Fusing her background as a goldsmith with a fascination for the artificial, the core of Blitz Heyman’s practice focuses on metal manipulation and a material’s semiotics. The traditional techniques and methods get remixed with readymades and new materials are introduced with the ambition to fit in new information into a familiar thing.

Connect with Hannah and her work on Instagram @blitzheyman.