Fernanda Forero, better known as Rawmisky, is all about what isn’t there. The negative spaces, the crevasses and cracks that form on a body as it wraps itself around another are where these delicate forms are found. Each illustrative piece of jewelry demands to be gently held, to be seen, to be video-taped.

-Digitally Yours

Rawmisky writes:

 “Accomodate” because these objects are my guests. 

Body that fits in an object / Object that Fits in a body. 

The energy/ time put into something. 

The power of meaning. 

To make and perform. 

The invisible presence of things.  


Rawmisky’s logo is a “Girl with ghost”. 

Bio –

My name is Fernanda Forero and I am a Colombian artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  
RAWMISKY is a pseudonym I use for my brand of work inspired by the body to create objects to make visible the negative spaces that the body inhabits. I don’t have formal education in jewelry making, but my interest in drawing, sculpture and performance art have led me to the creation of body artifacts. To me, body decoration and jewelry are a powerful expression towards understanding our particular presence in the world and how we navigate through it. My work searches for ways to draw within the body through objects. I am inspired by non-gender conforming aesthetics, identity narratives, inner imagery, the unconscious, artifacts’ permanence and the ongoing question on how to fit within the world in a meaningful way.  
My work explores my understanding of limits. Since I can remember I have known my body as a precipice, experiencing through it the end of things with great intensity. This led me to develop a very deep interest in the frontiers, peripheries and edges of different matters, recurring on the ongoing question of:

Where do I end and where starts that which is not me?

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