You are being watched, but this is nothing new. Your browser history and digital archive is better maintained than most museum collections. The work of Jeremy Diamond offers an alternative, a protective screen from the surveilling eyes that peer into folders and stare you in the eye. The intricate pattern of Jimsonweed breaks up and obscures the faces just enough to foil facial recognition algorithms. Jimsonweed is a wild herb that grows in the USA, that produces hallucinogenic properties. It is a plant that promises to distort what you see, but in Diamond’s work it extends an invitation to obscure how you are seen in return. 

-Digitally Yours

Bio –

Jeremy Diamond is an interdisciplinary artist, metalsmith, and first-year MFA candidate at the University of Georgia. His recent work examines contemporary and historic attitudes toward class, luxury, and identity through the lens of bodily adornment. In the context of Diamond’s work, the visual appeal of an object is vital, but the effect that that object has on the wearer’s life and body is of infinitely greater importance.

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