Bio –

I am (1989) a jewellery artist based in Tallinn, Estonia. I am also teaching and completing a PhD at the Estonian Academy of Arts. My creative practice involves contemporary jewellery, digital craft and video-performances. Recently, I have participated in exhibitions at the Museum Arnhem in Holland (2020), Art and Design Museum in New York (2019), the Kunstnerforbundet Gallery in Oslo (2018). I am represented by the following galleries: Marzee in Nijmegen, Beyond in Antwerp, and Door in Mariaheide. My works are included in the collection of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Museum Arnhem, and private collections. My works were awarded scholarships by the Ministry of Culture and Adamson-Eric in 2018. I also received the scholarship of Young Jewellery in 2015.

I suck thematic nectars from:
✧ haptic-visuality
✧ digital culture
✧ magic
✧ social stereotypes
✧ everyday ritualistic behaviors

I feel necessity to make artistic statements by using:
✧ video-performances
✧ digital technologies such as 3D-modeling, printing & scanning, CNC milling et al.

I use materials as of organic as well as digital origin:
✧ stabilized wood
✧ beeswax
✧ powder-coated metal
✧ 3D printed silver
✧ CNC milled hybrid materials

Darja Popolitova’s warped silver rings have arrived at a moment when the many hands that have shaped and formed them can only connect online. Save As… is a collection of jewelry that started off as found 3D files that Popolitova distorted and warped. The questions of ownership and identity around open-sourced file sharing are brought forward and into an object meant to identify its wearer. The signet rings of Save As… bear no seal or crest but of wobbled digital curves and a million-different cursor clicks.  

-Digitally Yours

Connect with Darja’s work at her website: or on Instagram @darja_popolitova.